‘Moth’ by Holly Jackson

white and black pendant lamp

How did you come to be here?
A fluttering intruder in my home,
Hypnotised by un-natural light.
Beautiful, but modest, you prefer the night,
Unlike your slutty sister, butterfly.
I watch you dip and twirl –
Yellow wings beat faster than I can perceive,
A miracle of nature and evolution.
The cat sits and watches you – but doesn’t move a muscle,
Lazy bitch.
You flutter ‘round His head, but he doesn’t see,
Oblivious to your presence,
And your beauty.

Meet the Poet

Holly Jackson is a thirty-five-year-old writer of poetry and short fiction from County Durham, UK. Her work has previously featured in: The Language of Salt (Fragmented Voices, 2020), MumWrite, Periwinkle Lit Mag, Skirting Around, Analog Submission Press and others. Her debut collection of poetry and short fiction, ‘Banana and Salted Caramel’, is now available from Austen Macauley Publishers. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram at @hjacksonwrites.