writer working on typewriter in office
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

The summer has nearly gone, autumnal rains and morning chills penetrate my skin. We, in Fragmented Voices, have spent it trying to update our website –   work which has been started but not finished yet and will be continuing throughout the year.

However, much of our summer months have been devoted to the love poems anthology, something we are already proud of it. I hope that you will feel the same once the book is out this year.

We have also made changes to our online magazine. What can you expect? It will be out twice a week from September till about mid- December and from February till May. In that time, you can expect poetry (Wednesdays), and prose, creative non-fiction, essays or visual art (Fridays). Once a month we are going to introduce some exciting new authors in translation. This 2020/2021 season we have Romanian and Moldovan poetry as well as Czech poetry.

I hope that you will like our changes and updates. We made them after careful consideration that reflects our experience from last year’s season.

What does not change is that we are still looking to discover new talent – illustrators, visual artists, poets, fiction and non-fiction writers. When you decide to submit, please read our guidelines carefully, otherwise, it can lead to rejection on technical grounds, i.e. submitting outside our submission window. Also, before you write THAT angry letter (to which we never respond), please take a few days before you press the SEND button. I am the first one to admit that I have done it in my life more than once and always when I was in a raw place. Trust me – it is always a mistake.
I look around and see the world in chaos. Globally, we live in uncertain times, we live in stressful times. I believe creativity and art are one of the few things that connect people everywhere. I do not think that I can change the world’s problems at my desk by typing my lines but I believe that our work can make it a bit more hopeful place, a place where things are possible.


Natalie Nera