Dear Reader,

Hello, Rue here!

We have some news: I’ll be leaving Fragmented Voices this summer. My health has always been up and down as a disabled writer, but it’s become a lot more complicated! I need to take a step back so I can recover and still do my other work projects. 

I’ve loved being part of the team here at FV. I love working with the Natalies, and I’ve so enjoyed making our Big Books, creating our branding and website, and helping us tell the story of who we are to you all. Reading your work, editing, giving a platform to different voices from all over the world…  it’s a huge wrench to lay that down. I didn’t take this decision lightly, and I will miss it very much. 

What does that mean?

That does mean that there will be no Big Book this year. We’re so sorry! It’s a big old commitment, and it takes a great deal of energy to give your work the attention and space it deserves. Crick and Nera will be deciding over the summer what they’d like FV to look like – our press began with them and continues with them! I’ll be finishing various admin tasks and handover behind the scenes, but this will be my last hurrah.

It’s been a pleasure.

Big love,


A Note from Nera

A colleague of mine read a horoscope for this year in January and noted that I should expect many turbulent changes. I have never believed in astrology, but perhaps I should because this particular prediction came to pass. Sadly, one of those changes is Rue’s resignation. Although she will no longer be involved with Fragmented Voices, we remain great friends, and I want to continue to support her as a friend. In regards to our independent press, please bear with us as Natalie Crick and I will return after a short sabbatical with new ideas and projects.

A Note from Crick

Our time together as three friends and editors at Fragmented Voices has been so special, and we will miss Rue being part of our team of three. I know our friendship will continue for years to come across the borders. As Nera says, Fragmented Voices will return after a short sabbatical with a team of two Natalies. 

Many wonderful writers submitted creative work to our inboxes at the end of our last submission period. If we have responded to your submission with an acceptance, please don’t worry – as promised, your work will be published. If we haven’t responded to your submission yet, you will hear a response very soon. Publication dates will become clearer as our new vision for the press is established. We can’t wait to return to you later this year.