Amy McCartney- Church window
A Church Window by Amy McCartney, 2019


If Clouds Could See the Cracks in Stones

Watching the Oklahoma sunset, Donald

writes I Love Your Ghost and his heart

skips a beat until it reaches the Leachkin

to sit by the cradle stone where he lets

his words escape. He is travelling light

as dandelion clocks, finds himself in odd

unfamiliar places sipping whisky while

his heart, often out of kilter, finds its

touchstone in the North. This is like

the day you left, he thinks, but the words

are out there, away with the breeze. He searches

his pockets for a knife, a scrap of paper,

an answer to a question never asked.


From the Great Book of Distances

Donald tells me he is afraid

of leaving and having left

wakes in the night, thinking

of trees and roads and ghosts.

He wants to telephone, to know

we are ok but trees have no

numbers, roads are circular

and the ghosts do not reply.

So he gets up, puts the kettle on,

remembers Dan and his music,

wonders why the distance between

here and there is never less.


i.m.of Dan 1980-2007


About the Author:

Eileen Carney Hulme lives in the north east of Scotland. She has three full collections published as well as having many poems published in  anthologies, poetry magazines and online poetry websites.  She has won or been placed in a number of poetry competitions. More info can be found on her author page at Indigo Dreams Publishing



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