For Sarah

At unexpected times,
an unexpected look
plays in my plane of view. 
It is an engraving,
a fracture that rises
from your other rare gems.
The precious stones of God.
I see natural fields
laud your beauty, and grades 
of your intelligence.
But, what strikes me by chance
is a look, rich in tone,
that harbours new facets.
Its lights show your childlike
joy, open heart, and loss.
Like a scar that reminds,
your new bearing halts me.
A vaulted reminder
to love and protect you.
As a pallid wind blows,
I gape. 
Why do clear-cut
discernments sometimes dull?

Meet the Poet!

Stephen Paul Wren is a chemistry academic. His books ‘Formulations’ (co-written with Dr Miranda Lynn Barnes) and ‘A Celestial Crown of Sonnets‘ (co-written with Dr Sam Illingworth) were published by Small Press and Penteract Press respectively. Stephen’s poetry has appeared in places such as 14 magazine and Tears in the Fence.


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