Introducing Kasia Grzelak

Our regular readers will be familiar with Kasia’s work. You can learn about her inspirations and background in her personal statement. We love Kasia’s work: both playful and satirical in its reflection of the world around us.

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Meet the Artist!

Kasia Grzelak paints on canvas and paper. She explores the concept of Polish Identity in England after immigrating to North West England in 2006.

As a Polish immigrant Kasia Grzelak has been using painting as a translatory form of expression throughout her experience of two cultures. Her large scale work on paper attempts to convey emotions through form-making, often placing Polish women against a symbol to represent individual experiences they had during immigration. She creates these large drawings to convey a certain vulnerability and alienation that Polish working-class women feel in the North of England. She is particularly fascinated by how psychological states can correspond to physical and social spaces. Through conversations with her subjects, she uses pets, reflections and objects to tie to an individual and become representative of their experience.

Her work on canvas captures a sense of moment in the painting. The scenes depict everyday life whilst capturing aspects of her culture in the details. Through her position of figures you will get an idea about the relationship dynamics between the people portrayed and what they represent.