Northumberland artist Victoria Holt studied Fine Art at Camberwell College of Arts, London, where she experimented with multiple approaches and media: from stop-motion animation to conceptualism. Since graduating she want back to basics, rediscovering her love of drawing and figurative painting. In the last four years, she has collaborated with poets and writers, which culminated with her illustrations appearing in three books in two different countries and two art exhibitions in The Forge, Allendale, and Queens Hall, Hexham, United Kingdom.

We hope that the illustrations, many of which you have seen in our online publication already, will, in return, inspire poets and writers to create something new. Today’s prompt: Search.

Left to right, top to bottom: A Lost Shoe;  A Child’s Hand; Friends;  The Shoe of Childhood; In the Cage; The Rutting Stag; A Moth to a Flame; Queen of Hearts; A Swallow