Rue Collinge

We are happy to introduce a new team member, Rue Collinge, who is joining us as Creative Consultant. Rue’s main focus will be books, which means she will also work on our first poetry anthology with us.

We know Rue very well and have worked with her before.

She is a linguist-turned-storyteller living in Gateshead. She is a slam-winning poet, fascinated by the power that stories have on us: those we tell ourselves, and those we tell about the world around us. Raw and lyrical, she has performed across the North-East and on the radio, and was shortlisted for the Terry Kelly Poetry Prize. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. She has extensive editing experience, including a charitable anthology for the National Literacy Trust, and another celebrating new voices in the North-East. She works with young people to help them find a voice in an increasingly noisy world.


We look forward to working with her! It also means that we, Natalie Crick and Natalie Nera, have to clarify our roles as Head Editors, with the main focus on poetry and prose respectively.