Fragmented Voices is a small, independent press that was originally conceived in 2019 as a local publisher in Newcastle upon Tyne in North East of England. The aim was to create a platform that would include variety of voices from a number of backgrounds etc.

In 2021, Natalie Crick and Natalie Nera were joined by the award-winning performing poet Rue Collinge who brought a multitude of skills, such as design and desktop publishing. Thanks to Rue’s incredible knowledge, Fragmented Voices were able to publish their first book, The Language of Salt. It also necessitated in the creation of a formal setup, i.e. CIC in order to be able to sell the books.

To date, Fragmented Voices have printed three anthologies. In 2023, Rue Collinge decided to resign due to her health issues. We are very grateful for Rue’s invaluable contribution and helping to develop the press. We wish her all the best in the future, success in her creative endeavours and mainly getting better soon.

Fragmented Voices continues with the original team of Natalie Crick and Natalie Nera with a new direction and ideas.

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