We tip toe our affections
over fields
of pre-planned rules,
our designations
set in secret
around our feet

we sing
words of love
into unshared ballads
on dusty tapes
locked away
in childhood closets
amongst the 
pink and blue toys
that reduced
our world
to shadows

the flowing river,
hidden inside,
whose waters are washed
in undiagnosed paths
as the ever changing currents
travel free
to the hearts
of those with whom
we were meant to be

we wash up on the shore
with bruised flesh,
throbbing with truth,
filled with the voice
we'd never
allowed ourselves
to hear
as it whispers,
“be true above all else”
into our ear

About the Author:
Dave Cullern is a poet based in Hastings, UK. He is a doting cat mother, the vocalist of the band Haest and runs the coffee company, Sham City Roasters. His debut poetry collection, 'Fuck Ballads #1 Modern Extremes' is available now. @fuckballads


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