Close Your Eyes by Ida Saudkova, model singer Ilona Csakova


Eyes of a Stranger

It’s funny

how you find yourself

reflecting in someone’s eyes

for the very first time

not knowing what their impact will be

not knowing the comfort they will bring

not knowing

that here

and now

before you

is the mirror

in which you’ll grow old.



Her eyes


a shade of dusk

I’m yet to witness


I long

for my lips

to find

the constellations

hidden on her skin


I wrap

falling stars

behind her ears

brushing the night sky

to sleep.


A Decade On

Years before

I walked these streets

with an empty heart

and veins filled with the blood of youth

but here I find myself again

in more ways than one,

it would seem,

youth fading

heart now a little less empty

as I try to find my way

through a city

I swear

I am only seeing for the very first time.


About the Author:

Andi Talbot is a writer and performance poet from County Durham. Andi has poetry published in various literary journals including Vamp Cat, Bonnie’s Crew, Grindstone Literary Magazine and Paper and Ink Zine. He has headlined poetry nights around the North East of England including Stanza and Black Light Engine Room and this year he performed at Poetry Jam in Durham. His first pamphlet, Burn Before Reading, was published with Analog Submission Press (2019). Andi is a poetry editor and submission reader for Periwinkle Literary Magazine.

Instagram: andichrist19


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